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Electrician in Singapore
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Electrical Contractor

Electrical contractors specialize in taking on large maintenance, installation or design projects for any type or size of building. We provide top-notch services in this section.

Our range of services include installation of light systems for buildings, electrical hazard maintenance, inspection and reparation of overheating electrical circuits or systems. We also do modifications or troubleshooting for all your electrical needs. Do not hesitate to call us to provide the services of an electrical contractor if you are in need of them. Our contractors are fully qualified and will carry out your requests diligently.

Our Contractor Services include(and are not limited to):

  • Installation, Modification and Repair of electrical or power systems
  • Rewiring of electrical cicuitry or boards
  • Troubleshooting of electrical problems
  • Maintenance of current systems
  • Appraisal of electrical systems
  • Electrical and Cabling design, installation and maintenance