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Our Singapore Electrician & Our Electrical Services


Our Singapore Electrician delivers top notch, reliable service. Electrical problems are an unwanted disruption and hazard to our daily lives. But you can rest with peace of mind, knowing that our electrician is fully licensed, and fully equipped to help deal with the most complex and hazardous of electrical problems.  


At Singapore Electrician, we believe that our customers are important to our success. Our electrical services are always to the high standards of the Singapore government and authorities. Our Singapore Electrician possesses the prerequisite Electrical Technician License (ETL) from the Energy Market Authority of Singapore (EMA). Our Singapore Electrician is also devoted to carrying out work with the highest ethical and legal regulations in mind. You can be at peace, fully certain that our Singapore electrician will carry out services with the highest regard for your satisfaction and with full understanding to solve your worries.  


At Singapore Electrician, our top priority is to ensure you get quality service. If you have an electrical problem, feel free to call our friendly Singapore electrician for a no-cost phone consultation. We understand that electrical issues can cause major disruptions in your daily life. That's why our Singapore Electrician is available daily, including Weekends and Public Holidays. Our operations are on site, so our electrician will be there for you any time and at any place. You can now simply pick up the phone and dial any time, from any place, and be sure that your problems will be solved by our trusted Singapore electrician. 


Our reliable electrician specialises in all sorts of electrical services - residential, commercial and many more. We deliver the most wide ranging electrical services for you. Whether it's simply replacing a blown lightbulb or setting up a ceiling fan, our electrician will handle your case with utmost efficiency and skills. Below is a non exhaustive list of the electrical services our Singapore electrician offers. 



Singapore Electrician - Residential Services 


·        Electrical wiring 

·        Electrical insulation 

·        Installation of power sockets 

·        Installation of telephone points 

·        Installation of TV points 

·        Installation and balancing of ceiling fans 

·        Installation of water heaters 

·        Light bulb replacement 

·        General electrical repairs 

·        Fixing short circuits and power trips 

·        Electrical trouble-shooting 

·        Electrical systems inspection 

·        Electrical systems set-up 

·        Restoration of electricity 

·        Electrical systems maintenance (Fuses, circuit breakers and switches) 

·        Electrical advice 


Singapore Electrician - Commercial Services 


·        Contractual electrical services 

·        Electrical conservancy 

·        Electrical efficiency solutions